Got Questions? We've got answers

What is Greater ROC Remote? 

Greater ROC Remote is an initiative of ROC2025 ( and is a relocation incentive program for the best and brightest remote workers. The doers. The creators. The game changers. The explorers. Move to Greater Rochester, NY - the nation's 5th ranked city for remote workers, a top-ranked metro for future growth, home to a top-20 quality of life and the country's #2 best wine region - and earn more than $10k in grants and incentives!

How are applicants selected?

Greater ROC Remote uses an interactive application process that seeks to find the ideal remote worker match. Following a review of applicant information, video interviews and in-person visits are offered to finalists.

Who is the ideal candidate for this program? 

The ideal candidate lives 300+ miles from downtown Rochester, has a fully-remote job, is 18+ years of age, and is looking for a new place to call home, grow their career, and engage in our community.

What other incentives are program participants receiving? 

In addition to the $10,000 award, participants are also eligible to apply for our many city housing programs and are invited to special events designed to connect participants to one another, create a sense of community and belonging, and establish a strong social network.

Can couples and/or families apply?

Yes, we accept applicants from multiple family members and can also offer career services to a spouse/significant other that is relocating with the participant and looking for a new position in our Greater Rochester region.

I am recent college graduate in the Greater Rochester area. May I apply?

Yes!  If your permanent residence is 300+ miles from downtown Rochester and you have secured a full-time remote job, you may apply.

I work remotely for a Rochester-based company. Do I still qualify?

Yes!  As long as you meet all the qualifications of the program, you may apply.

Can I apply if I’m not a US citizen?

If you are a permanent resident with a green card and you meet all the other qualifications, you may apply. 

If selected for the program, do I have to live downtown?

No. While there are many housing options and additional financial incentives available downtown, participants are free to live anywhere in the Greater Rochester region, as defined by our 9 counties.

I have never been to Rochester.  Do you offer visits to the Region?

We reimburse travel expenses for individuals who are seriously interested in relocating to the region, check the terms and conditions here to learn more. Prior to applying, check out the many ways you can get to know our Greater Rochester Region (  If you are accepted into the program, we will offer you the option to visit Rochester and get to know us better. 

If selected for the program, how soon can I move?

The program requires selected participants to move within 6 months of being accepted into the program.

Does ROC Remote help me find housing?

ROC Remote has a number of resources to help you explore our region and find a great place to live that suits your lifestyle. We partner with a number of local realtors to help you with the transition. Please see our list here. See our Housing page for more information.

Why was Greater ROC Remote created?

Greater ROC Remote was created with the support of ROC2025 and the Rochester Industries Educational Fund and other partners to enhance our existing workforce by bringing in new diverse, talented, driven individuals to our region for collaboration, networking, and community building.  This is one program that is part of a broader regional talent strategy focusing on attracting world class workers, retaining the great talent we already have in our region, and connecting incumbent workers to existing opportunities.

What are the terms and conditions of the program?

The detailed terms and conditions can be found here.

Pictures provided courtesy of the City of Rochester.